6 Things You Didn’t Know Could be Automated

Technological advances have made it easy to automate things in our daily lives. In fact, there are probably things you do everyday that have been automated without even realizing. In the same sense, there are probably timely tasks you do every day that could be automated. Let’s take a look at some thoughts you probably didn’t know could be automated.

What is IoT?
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What is IoT?

IoT is a collection of devices containing sensors connected to the internet that generate massive amounts of data. An IoT device could be anything from your phone, watch, or even your fridge. IoT devices alone could add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030. In the future, we can expect an increase in intent-based networking. As we see society increasingly embracing these digital tools, we can see the start of a transformation in every aspect of our lives.

The Evolution of Automation

The Evolution of Automation

Automation is the process of making jobs, typically performed by humans, to be done by machines and computers. Nowadays it is common for machines to be used in a multitude of industries and sectors for numerous tasks to reduce labour costs and human error. Do you know how it started?

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5 Benefits of Automation in Your Business

Automation is the process of making jobs typically performed by humans to be done by machines and computers. Many businesses use automated systems to perform daily tasks and focus on more complex tasks. Automation is proven to minimize human input, error, and costs without reducing the quality of work produced. Here are 5 benefits of automation