Apps are changing the way business is conducted. They carry a magnitude of power to help your business run smoothly. To help you navigate your workflow there are essential apps each employee should have downloaded. We compiled a list of the best apps for your business:


Slack apps icon


Slack is one of the most popular apps used for internal business communication. The app offers communication channels, group chats, and direct messages with your team members. Enabling push notifications can prompt quick responses and foster a communicative organization culture. (Read more about how much businesses rely on Slack here)

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Given the increase of remote work and flexible work hours, virtual meetings have become essential in communicating with your team. Zoom allows you to have quality virtual calls with your co-worker no matter where they are. Without a video conference app, you lose a sense of community within your team and can risk having inefficient communication.

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LinkedIn is a great social media platform that allows you to connect with potential customers and other businesses. It is an opportunity to keep your audience up-to-date with your business and its news.


Grammarly apps icon


Grammarly is a digital writing assistant to detect any level of grammar mistake by using artificial intelligence. You can set goals, like the formality and engagement level, tone, and plagiarism detection, so the app can tailor the suggestions it provides. 



Quickbooks apps icon

Accounting software, Quickbooks helps small-medium enterprises (SMEs) manage their finances. The app serves as a portal to receive and make payments while managing payroll activities. Its functionalities include, but are not limited to; tracking income & expenses, organizing receipts, creating invoices, accepting payments, tracking mileage, paying employees, managing inventory, and gaining insights. By offering a cloud-based option, QuickBooks can help improve data integrity and overall management. Proven to save you time and money, Quickbooks is an app your business needs.

Trello apps icon

Project Management


Trello makes your busy day more manageable. The app allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to organize projects and tasks between team members. You will have the option to add a timeline for each project or sync it to a calendar. 

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Posting on social media is repetitive and a simple task that takes up time out of employees’ days. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your posts on any social media platform. With this app, you can monitor and analyze insights from each post. Hootsuite gives you the option to connect with other apps, such as Trello, to unite your social networks.

If you’re not using these already, your business needs these apps. All of these apps will provide value to your company, giving you time to focus your attention on other tasks. As business models change, it is important to future-proof your business by using the innovative tools at your disposal. Have you ever considered building an app for your own business? Find out how here.

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