Business, technology, and the world around us are changing. In this era, having a strong leader steer your company to success is key. We have extracted lessons from successful business leaders in recent history that can be implemented into your business. Here are tactics that have been proven to be successful.

Business Leader, Hande Cilingir
Business Leaders Hande Cilingir
Hande Cilingir, CEO of Insider

Hande Cilingir is the CEO of Insider and recipient of the most successful Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020. She has built her company from the ground up and led it to success. Alongside her team, Cilingir has created a global community full of respect and entrepreneurial spirit. Cilingir utilizes AI and machine learning within her company, specifically within marketing. In 2021, she is working on “enhancing the AI-fueled omnichannel experience marketing solutions and proliferate sales and R&D.” Cilingir utilizes the available tools around her while paying attention to detail and her customers.

“Delivering a personalized experience to each and every customer at scale increasingly requires robust AI and machine learning technologies.”

Hande Cilingir, Inside
Business Leader, Steve Dalby
Business Leader, Steve Dalby
Steve Dalby, CEO at Gabb Wireless

Stephen Dalby uses his personal experience and problems he has faced to provide solutions to those in similar positions. As a father of 8, he saw a need to create a cellular network for kids that he felt comfortable giving to his own children. Gabb Wireless helps prevent the overconsumption of the internet – and technology in general – at a young age. Like most great ideas, Dalby saw something missing in his own life and created the solution. Most importantly, he saw himself as the customer. It teaches us about society today and empowers us to rely less on things like social media while still utilizing technology. Dalby teaches us to find innovative solutions within our everyday lives. Are there problems in your life without an available solution?

Business Leader, Eva Salem
Eva Salem, Business Leader
Eva Salem, VP Marketing of Canadian Tire

Eva Salem works outside the box. She proves that working in industries and projects outside your norm can help spark ideas. She used her past experience in marketing cosmetics to market completely different products at Canadian Tire. This year specifically, she proved her marketing magic by “transforming businesses through passion and creativity.” Giving the company a marketing makeover involved educating their target audience of the diverse products Canadian Tire offers. Salem figured out how to successfully reach audiences and brought that with her – which to her is a top priority. Making Canadian Tire more than the store to get hardware – she has marketed Canadian Tire and their products in general as a versatile store which supplies necessary goods during a global crisis.

As the world changes, so do businesses and the people within them. Whether it be using AI, creating solutions to problems in your own life, or using transferable skills, these leaders show how to keep a company running strong. As a business owner or a driven individual, you can implement these simple tactics into your everyday life.

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